Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Water pollution - some facts

Water pollution is a major concern that threatens the health and life for humans. It is a fact that we are the leading contributor in polluting water. Irrespective of our demand for safe water, we keep on dumping wastage in our water sources. It is only when an outbreak of diseases or a sudden insufficiency of water we think back about polluting water. However, we don’t learn from the mistakes and continue our pledge to make water dirty.

Water is said to be polluted when it is impaired by wastage, sewage or any organic or inorganic elements. The contaminated water is not suitable for human use such as drinking. Consumption of polluted water leads to health related issues, epidemics and many other infections which may lead to loss of life. The surface water bodies are easily contaminated compared to ground water sources. As surface water is open to all kinds of dirt and infections, the effects of pollution reaches everywhere immediately. Frequent discharge of wastage and chemicals into rivers is the protagonist in creating water borne diseases. Other major sources of water like well, ponds etc. are also being polluted day by day.

As said earlier, water pollution leads to massive aftereffects like epidemics, disturbance to eco system, insufficient availability of usable water etc. whether it is an individual or a society, it is important to be careful while dealing with wastage. Remember that the life of water is in our hands. We are the only responsible creatures in this world to grow or kill water.

Sewage treatment is another crucial factor in keeping water safe and clean. In villages and some parts of urban areas, it is a common thing to use ground water for both cleaning and drinking purposes. The water which is polluted again gets polluted and the risk of water borne diseases gets geared up. Be a vigilant member of the society and start practicing keeping water safe and clean for the future.

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